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Youth Recreational Soccer


Important Dates

  • Fall 2024

    • August 24, 2024 - Opening Day

    • Week of August 26 - Practices Begin​

    • September 7 - 1st Game

    • October 19 & October 26 - Tournament

    • November 2 - Make Up day for tournament (if needed)



  • Division 1: Coed - For players ages 5 and 6

  • Division 2: Coed - For players ages 7 and 8

  • Division 3: Girls - For players ages 9 to 12

  • Division 3: Boys - For players ages 9 to 11

  • Division 4 : Coed - For players ages 12 to 15

Our Youth Rec League is for players ages 5-15 and of all skill levels:

  • Equal Play Policy - all players will have equal playing time regardless of skill level.

  • Modified rules - adult soccer rules get simplified for our youngest players. As players mature, the rules graduate in complexity as well.


​It operates independently from other leagues and clubs:

  • All games will be against other CAA teams/players.

  • This allows us to hold all members of CAA to the same standards.

    • Our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Code of Conduct is taken very seriously, and everyone works together to enforce it.​


Weekly practices will have time set aside for a devotional:

  • Players and coaches spend time studying the Bible with an emphasis on practical application.

    • God says to treat others how you want to be treated, but how do we do this? What does that look like on the soccer field?

Youth Recreational Soccer
Ages 5-15

Games begin with a midfield prayer:

  • We want to model Christ; therefore, we will set the example of putting God first for our players, coaches, referees and spectators. 

  • The simple act of beginning a game in prayer goes a long way in setting the tone for the league.


Locations of Practices & Games:

  • The locations could vary each season. We often meet at Doerr Park, Butcher Park, Paul Moore Park and DeAnza Park. 

  • Each player participates in one weekly practice (D1 & D2), and two weekly practices (D3 & D4)

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