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Coach's Corner

Coaching with CAA

Coaching is not just one of the most important roles within CAA, it is one of the most important roles in life. Coaches are in a unique position to influence the lives of their players and their families, and being a coach for CAA means that you have the freedom to boldly model Christ for your team.


















Requirements to being a coach with CAA:

  • Be a follower of Jesus Christ

  • Approved by the Board of Directors

  • Be committed to making weekly practices and Saturday games for the season at LEAST 90% of the time (10 weeks-includes Opening Day & Year-End Jamboree)

  • Be available to attend Coaching Clinics (usually once or twice a season for an hour or two) in order to grow or gain new skills. These clinics are mandatory.

  • Have a heart to mentor and model Christ to your players through encouragement, humility, and kindness.

  • Be committed to teaching the rules and skills of soccer. Never played soccer before? No problem. We have mentor coaches who can help train you!

  • Yearly background checks CPR certification every 2 years

  • Encourage your players to work as a team, and HAVE FUN!


CAA Coaches must agree to:

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Code of Conduct

  • The Coach's Mandate

  • GameDay Protocol including Good Neighbor Policy

Code of Conduct


R...Referees. God has placed them in authority for your benefit and they're ALWAYS right (even when they're wrong). (Romans 13: 5-6)

E...Encourage, be a "Barnabas," not a "Jonah". Don't criticize your teammates, your opponents, or the a cheerleader. (Hebrews 10:25)

S...Stay the course. Perseverance is a Christian character trait because it's ALWAYS too soon to quit. (Hebrews 12:1)


P...Practice. You can't grow in your faith unless you practice your faith, and you can't grow as a soccer player unless you practice. Also, if you're only "on time" for practices and games, you're late. Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. (Matthew 7:24)

E...Excellence. Expect excellence from yourself and your teammates...set the bar high and hold each other accountable. God gave us His "best", His only Son, Jesus. The very least we can do is give our best too. (Philippians 4:8)


C...Courage. The early Christians were known as bold, courageous likewise. Take risks in the games. You'll not be criticized for trying something new, but you will be lovingly confronted if you don't try. Also, take a risk, and share your faith as opportunities arise throughout the season. (1 Corinthians 16:13)


T...Trust. Trust God, your coaches, and your teammates. (John 14:1)

Coach’s Mandate

Pray as though nothing of eternal value is going to
happen in my athletes’ lives unless God does it.


Prepare each practice and game,
giving my utmost for His highest.


Seek not to be served by my athletes for personal gain,
but serve them as Christ served the church.


Be satisfied not with producing a winning record,
but with producing winning athletes.


Attend carefully to my private and public walk with God, knowing that the
athlete will never rise to a standard higher than that being lived by the coach.


Glorify Christ in my coaching,
trusting the Lord will then draw athletes to Himself.


Desire to have a growing hunger for God’s Word,
a transformed heart and daily obedience.


Depend solely upon God for transformation,
one athlete at a time.


Live out Christ’s word in a Christ-like manner,
on and off the field of competition.


Recognize that it is impossible to bring glory
to both myself and Christ at the same time.


Allow my coaching to produce the fruit of the Spirit,
thus producing athletes who are authentic followers of Christ.


Trust God to reveal to my athletes His chosen purposes,
regardless of whether the wins are clearly visible.


Coach with humble gratitude,
as one privileged to be God’s coach.


© Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Revised from “The Preacher’s Mandate.”
Permission from The Cornerstone Trust, Box 1905, Cave Creek, AZ 85327

Game Day Protocol

  1. Arrive early to assist with field set-up (or delegate to a parent(s))

  2. Ensure your team is 'good to go': shinguards on, cleats tied

  3. Assemble on the opposite side of the field from parents

  4. Stay in your technical area

  5. Avoid 'commenting' on the game ("white noise")

  6. Avoid 'over coaching' - focus on 1 or 2 points, but also...

  7. Avoid 'spectating' (engage verbally and constructively with your team)

  8. Avoid criticizing the Referees (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)

  9. Assist with clearing fields (or delegate to a parent(s))

  10. Remember the adage: "More caught than taught" - (The players are watching and will follow your example)

  11. Have FUN!


Good Neighbor Policy

Read: Good Neighbor Policy Document

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