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Team Parent

Welcome Team Parents!



Thank You for serving your team as a Team Mom or Dad.

Here’s what your role includes: Jesus and Snacks! 




  • You will be leading weekly devotionals at practice from the attached devotional. Coordinate  with your team’s coach when the devotion will take place. Typically it’s done in the middle of practice so the kids can have a water break.


  • Each week there will be Bible verses to memorize. Not all kids will be church goers, so be flexible on verse memorization. It might encourage the kids if you are able to provide a little treat when they say their verse to you. Post the verses in the TeamSnap chat so parents can practice with them each week. 




  • Each family will sign up to give snacks to each player after the game on Saturdays.  Please use the TeamSnap to do the snack sign up. There are 7 Saturdays (the 8th Saturday is the tournament day (10/28/23) and on that day the league will have snacks for a suggested donation). September 9th is the first game. If your team has 8 or more players some families can be options to ‘sub’ for snacks if other families are unable. 


  • Make sure to send an introduction message in TeamSnap about yourself. Ask if any players have allergies and then copy and paste this guidance for snacks. 


Ideas for Snacks: 

  • Drink (juice, Gatorade, little water bottle, milk, chocolate milk)

  • Fruit (easy to eat like grapes, orange slices, apple slices, strawberries)

  • Carb (kids bar, crackers, muffin, etc)

  • Protein (cheese stick, yogurt, hard boiled egg, etc)

To make snacks easy to pass out, brown paper bags are suggested (Dollar store!)

End of Season Party


In previous years, at the end of the season the team parent would plan a pizza party. Often we met at Round Table pizza on Camden Ave. (they have a large area). One season, a team parent planned something after the last practice at Doerr park. They got Costco pizzas and made wings. Or you could do a potluck where everyone chips in. 


Have the kids sign a thank you card and collect $5-$10 from each family for a gift card for your coach or coaches. The coaches are all volunteers and it’s great to appreciate all the hard work they put in.

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