Welcome to CAA! Training Athletes...Modeling Christ

About Us

CAA is a registered non-profit soccer organization located in San Jose, CA. We are committed to teaching and playing the game of soccer in a godly way in order to train our athletes to model Christ. We are also an entirely volunteer-based organization, down to our coaches and Team Moms/Dads. We cannot operate without YOU! 

We want to model Christ inwardly, by making godly decisions. Think of soccer as a life laboratory. In any given season exist opportunities to practice Christ-like responses to a myriad of situations: victory, defeat, success, frustration, etc. Every practice, every game is an opportunity for CAA players and parents alike to model Christ inwardly by the choices we make.

We also want to model Christ outwardly, by loving our neighbors as ourselves. As Christians, we know God did not create us to go through life alone, and soccer is one of the biggest community building sports there is! People come together in larger numbers over the World Cup than they do over the Super Bowl. CAA strives to cultivate a strong community through soccer. We want to connect with others, building bridges through soccer that Jesus can walk across.



The Christian Athletic Association has been rooted in the community of South San Jose since 1977. The organization has changed a lot over the years, but our commitment to offering a sports league with a Christian environment has remained constant.

Founded by Ray Holt, out of the First Baptist Church in San Jose, CAA is currently partnering with a number of Bay Area churches.

Historically, CAA offered a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, golf, street hockey, softball, baseball and basketball. However, since 2003, it has focused exclusively on soccer.

CAA currently offers a Youth Recreational Program and a Youth Competitive Program, Corinthians FC, in both the fall and spring seasons.

It is CAA’s prayer that God will continue to sustain this ministry and grow it to reach even more people.

CAA….training athletes….modeling Christ.

Core Values

The core values and objectives are designed to align the expectations and actions of every member of CAA. They apply regardless of our area of involvement in CAA.

Each objective is rooted in one or more our core values:

Core Value Objective
We value modeling Christ… …so we will serve, teach, and reach others.
We value honor and integrity… …so we will respect the game, and hold ourselves to a common code of conduct.
We value bringing our best effort and full commitment (All-In/All-out)… …so players will play with head, heart and hustle. And, non-player members will bring their best effort by volunteering, serving and helping to uphold our code of conduct.


Program Summary


All programs incorporate prayer (usually before games and at practices), and a devotion, or time of Bible study, into practices.

Our programs strive to build bridges that Jesus can walk over.

  • SoccerTots Program
    • This is our independent league - CAA teams compete against other CAA teams.
    • Offering a spring and fall season, this program is for casual players or those just starting out.
  • Recreational Program
    • This is our independent league - CAA teams compete against other CAA teams.
    • Offering a spring and fall season, this program is for casual players or those just starting out.
    • Equal Play policy: In this league, we believe all players should have the same playing time regardless of skill level.
    • Modified rules that graduate up, to better prepare players for adult soccer.
  • Competitive Program
    • The CAA Comp Program, Corinthians FC, participates in the NorCal Premier Soccer League, and is associated with Almaden FC.
      • This means Corinthians FC will play other local NorCal teams in the Bay Area.
    • Offering a spring and fall season, this program is skill-based, and players are invited to try out.
    • No Discussion Policy: In this league players may not all have the same amount of playing time. The decision is up to the coach, and the coach is the final authority. Parents are asked not to discuss playing time, and coaches are instructed not to discuss it.